Satispay mobile payments

Identity, Concept, Ui, Ux

Satispay is an Italian startup determined to change the world of mobile payments. They strongly believe in a much more simple method which allows to send and receive money easily, just as sending a text is, in a shop as with friends.

Satispay buisness cards

My team and I developed their corporate identity and helped them in actualize their strong point, that is using only the app to make payments: just your IBAN and phone number are required.

Satispay pay-a-friend interface
The payment process starts with the selection of a shop or a contact.
Satispay pay-in-store interface
Blue and orange mark the different processes: pay a friend or in store.
Satispay settings interface
Settings and history.
Satispay set weekly availability
One of the main point of the service: weekly availability.