Nice to meet you, Fabrica

Installation, Data, Web

Nice to meet you, Fabrica

When I first arrived to Fabrica for my trail weeks I entered a new, exciting environment. A lot of people: each one with his own experience, each one from a different place.

The project I had to submit to Aaron, my supervisor, could have been the occasion to start to know all the Fabricanti — the people/reasearchers working there.

Nice to meet you is a data visualization about the people working at Fabrica when I arrived: where they were from, where they lived and in which studio they were working in.

Inside Fabrica, Treviso Italy

The first steep step was to collect all the data. How could I get names and origins off all of the Fabricanti? Yes, there are very strict privacy restrictions in the administrative office.

I started from a presentation: Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Riccardo. I've asked everybody to fill a simple online form and in the meantime I presented myself by hanging in different areas of the building some sheets printed with my entire Google Chrome history from the past three months. A way to get people to know me.

Coloured presenting sheets hung up

With the collected information I created a website where to visualize them. The visualization is split into two parts: the first one presenting each person in a position depending on where is she from and her permanence time into Fabrica; the second mode presents two maps place side by side, showing respectively the origin and the current location in Treviso.

Site first view, boxes
1st view: each box represents people origin and their permanence time.
Site second view, maps
2nd view: comparison between origin and actual stay.
Maps view
Csv and d3.js in the process
All the data is imported from a csv populated via the online form, d3.js draws the boxes, mapbox.js imports pins onto the maps.